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In our new series, we are looking at Psalm 120 – 134. These psalms were traditionally sung as the Israelites made their journey into Jerusalem. This is a symbolic representation of God’s people progressing upward into God’s glory and presence. Our prayer is that through this series, we may enter the presence of the Lord through the Psalms of Ascent.

Part 1 -Turning Point

Part 2 - Our Guardian God

Part 3 - The Stability of Worship

Part 4 - A Cry for Mercy

Part 5 - Our God is for Us!

Part 6 - Safe

Part 8 - The Simple, Undeniable, Brutal Truth

Part 9 - Built to be Blessed

Part 10 - Built to Last

Part 11 - Built to Believe




Upward Songs

On select weeks in our new series ‘Upward’, Brian will writing and recording a song based upon the psalm of that week. God loves to hear His own people proclaim His word back to Him in song. We feel that this a great way to serve the Lord and expand our joy as a congregation. Continue to check back for updates.

Builder (Psalm 127)

Seek (Psalm 122)

Seek(Psalm 122) is a song written based on Psalm 122 which is the desire of God’s people to enter into His presence This song was written for our series ‘Upward’

Keeper (Psalm 121)

Keeper (Psalm 121) is a song written based on Psalm 121 which says, “The LORD is your keeper…” This song was written for our series ‘Upward’