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Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

Colossians 3:2 & 3

There are some verses that as a Christian, should fuel our lives. Yes, all Scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for teaching and correction – but sometimes, certain Scriptures hit the deep parts of my soul. This is one of them. I feel refreshed, alive, restful and confident through this text. I want to examine shortly why Paul commands us to set our minds on things that are above. Furthermore, this is not an arbitrary command to ponder “deeper things” but ultimately ponder the One true deeper thing – Jesus.

The word ‘for’ in the English language has incredible meaning because it normally ties two statements together. Such as Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation”. Normally, the use of ‘for’ connects the statements together in declaring the reason or importance of the other. In this scenario, the reason we set our mind on the things that are above is because we have died and our life is hidden with Christ in God.

Now, why is this important to your day-to-day life? We have a tendency to drift away from this truth. We can begin to think that we can handle life on our own, that God really isn’t involved in the minor details of our lives. This is catastrophic to the Christian walk. We first and foremost must place our identity in Christ and use that as fuel to drive our lives. Jared Wilson articulates it well in his book, Gospel Deeps:

“Many Christians’ problems of fear, doubt, and complacency stem from forgetting who they are, which is to say, who they are in Christ.”

When we begin to think that other things besides Jesus drive our life, even good things such as reading your bible or praying frequently, we ultimately end up like spinning wheels in mud – we don’t go anywhere. But, when our eyes are focused on Jesus, life begins to happen. Real, life-transforming, Gospel-power change begins to happen when our life is hidden in Christ.

Have you ever seen a little child running around, playing with other kids and the suddenly the child is scared? They almost immediately run to their parents and most often, hide behind a leg until they are picked up. The child is being hidden by the parent’s protection, love and grace. So too, when we run to our gracious Heavenly Father, but He doesn’t simply hide us beneath a leg. He hides us in His Son’s righteousness. All of the accusations of my sin and of the world is hurled upon that Suffering Servant and no longer calls out to my name. My life is in hidden in Christ. I can now stand confident knowing that the only opinion that will ever matter, stands in approval of me, because of Jesus Christ.

So, brothers and sisters, may we run mightily to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We can rest knowing that He has paid our sin debt through His substitution death, raises in victory proclaiming victory of our sin and death, and is now interceding constantly for us. I end again with an excellent quote from Jared Wilson:

“Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteosuness. How are we not staggered by this minute by minute. Look how saved we are…Isn’t this cause for confidence? This is not self-help. This is God-help. “

Author: Dustin Hunt

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