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Church in Las Cruces Church in Las Cruces

What is a church?

As you may know, the Greek term translated church throughout the New Testament is ekklesia. What you may not know is that it was not a religious term. It could refer to citizens called to gather for civic purposes. It was used to refer to soldiers called out to gather for military purposes. An ekklesia…

Church in Las Cruces Church in Las Cruces

Francis Chan: Test Your Assumptions

Francis Chan Don’t believe something just because you want to, and don’t embrace an idea just because you’ve always believed it. Believe what is biblical. Test all your assumptions against the precious words God gave us in the Bible. There are many things that I believed and practiced for years, only to change my views…

Church in Las Cruces Church in Las Cruces

Matt Chandler: The Explicit Gospel

Matt Chandler – The Explicit Gospel Fortunately, the Holy Spirit wasn’t going to let it go that easily. The question began to haunt me. I decided to have a few conversations and interviews with what we have called the “dechurched” men and women attending The Village. A few of them confirmed that my hunch was…